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"We drank to my safe return to my country, in real old Cyprian wine."

We drank to my safe return to my country, in real old Cyprian wine.  Shall I ever see it again?  I hope so, if my journey progresses as favourably as it has begun.  But Syria is a bad country, and the climate is difficult to bear; yet with courage and perseverance for my companions, I may look forward to the accomplishment of my task.  The good doctor seemed much annoyed that he had nothing to offer me but Cyprian wine and a few German biscuits.  At this early season fruit is not to be had, and cherries do not flourish here because the climate is too hot for them.  In Smyrna I ate the last for this year.  When I re-embarked in the afternoon, Mr. Bartlett came with the English consul, who wished, he said, to make the acquaintance of a lady possessing sufficient courage to undertake so long and perilous a journey by herself.  His astonishment increased when he was informed that I was an unpretending native of Vienna.  The consul was kind enough to offer me the use of his house if I returned by way of Cyprus; he also inquired if he could give me some letters of recommendation to the Syrian consuls.  I was touched by this hearty politeness on the part of a perfect stranger—an Englishman moreover, a race on whom we are accustomed to look as cold and exclusive!

Ida Pfeiffer

Rhodes, Greece, 1842

Source: Ida Pfeiffer, Henry William Dulcken, trans., A Visit to the Holy Land, Egypt and Italy, Ingram Cooke & Co., 1852 

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"You know that he hates you, from the moment you first walk round him..."

"You will not wonder at my desperation when I tell you that half-way down, a person called to me, “Mauna Loa is in action!”"